Home & Garden

Whether you're catching up on housework or doing a spot of gardening, you'll love our range of practical and minimalist designs that offer comfort and ease of movement.

Browse our range of fabrics, colors, and styles to find the ideal match for your lifestyle. For summer, try our jinbei, designed to keep you cool. For cooler months, check out our samue and hanten with thicker fabrics.

Recommended: 1055 Small pattern Sashiko Samue

For those buying their first samue to wear around the house or garden, we recommend the Small Dobby Sashiko Samue. It is a slightly thicker 100% cotton samue with an impressive, regularly lined stitch weave.

While supple in texture, it is durable, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to care for. Its design combines minimalist simplicity with sophistication. You'll feel right at home.

1054 Large Pattern Dobby Sashiko-ori Samue
$246.44 USD
No.10 GreenNo.11 NavyNo.12 BlueNo.13 GrayNo.14 BrownNo.26 Black+ 3 more
1055 Small Pattern Dobby Sashiko-ori Samue
$246.44 USD
No.15 Navy BlueNo.16 BlueNo.17 GrayNo.18 BrownNo.19 Dark BrownNo.20 Black+ 3 more
1074 Sashiko-ori Jacket
$136.91 USD
No.1 Dark NavyNo.2 BlackNo.3 GrayNo.4 Brown+ 1 more
5080 Samue Coat
$355.97 USD
No.1 Dark NavyNo.2 GrayNo.3 BrownNo.4 Black+ 1 more
5033 Double Weave Stretch Samue [HIJIRI]
$232.75 USD
No.1 Dark NavyNo.2 GrayNo.3 BrownNo.4 Black+ 1 more
2054 Large Pattern Sashiko Haori
$123.22 USD
No.1 Dark NavyNo.3 GrayNo.4 BrownNo.10 Green+ 1 more
1077 Cotton Suede-lined Samue
$355.97 USD
No.1 Dark NavyNo.3 GrayNo.5 BrownNo.6 Black+ 1 more
2027 Tate Slub Hanten
$171.14 USD
No.2 Iron BlueNo.4 GrayNo.5 BrownNo.6 Green+ 1 more
2043 Enshu-ori Sleeveless Cotton-inserted Hanten
$136.91 USD
No.1 Dark NavyNo.2 GrayNo.3 BrownNo.4 Black+ 1 more