Rest & Relaxation

Free your mind and body with our relax wear. We bring traditional Japanese designs to life with industry-leading production technology.

Our stylish yet minimalist garments combine with soft, high-quality fabric to provide comfort and ease of movement. The unique collar design encourages better posture.

Perfect as loungewear, pajamas, or sleepwear. Ideal for Zen, meditation, and mindfulness.

Recommended: 6001 Kasuri Tsumugi Samue

Unsure where to start? Made of thin cotton material, our Kasuri Tsumugi Samue is unisex, can be worn year-round, and is easy to care for.

The various size and color options make it the perfect choice for first-time wearers. The Kasuri pattern on the tsumugi fabric creates a gentle and elegant Japanese atmosphere.

6001 Kasuri Tsumugi Samue
$198.52 USD
No.1 BeigeNo.2 BrownNo.3 Dark BrownNo.4 Golden YellowNo.5 Yellow OcherNo.6 Matcha GreenNo.7 Light GreenNo.8 Light BlueNo.9 BlueNo.10 NavyNo.11 GrayNo.12 BlackNo.13 PinkNo.14 Wine RedNo.15 Dark RedNo.16 OrangeNo.17 Royal Purple+ 14 more
3055 Cotton Twill Weave Samue
$184.83 USD
No.1 NavyNo.2 GrayNo.3 BrownNo.4 Bronze YellowNo.5 GreenNo.6 BlackNo.7 WhiteNo.9 Antique PurpleNo.11 PinkNo.14 BlueNo.16 Dark Red+ 8 more
1051 Tate Slub Samue
$205.36 USD
No.1 NavyNo.2 Iron BlueNo.4 GrayNo.5 BrownNo.6 GreenNo.7 Black+ 3 more
2060 Cotton-Ramie Shijira Samue
$164.29 USD
No.201 BeigeNo.202 GrayNo.206 GreenNo.207 Dark NavyNo.208 BrownNo.209 Black+ 3 more
1092 Cotton-Ramie Yoryu Samue
$198.52 USD
No.71 Dark NavyNo.73 BlueNo.74 GrayNo.75 BrownNo.78 GreenNo.79 Black+ 3 more
2080 Washi Shijira-ori Samue
$246.44 USD
No.1 Dark NavyNo.2 BlackNo.3 GreenNo.4 GrayNo.5 Brown+ 2 more
1105 Ice Cotton Omi Chijimi Samue
$273.82 USD
No.1 NavyNo.2 GrayNo.3 GreenNo.4 Black+ 1 more