2040 Sashiko-ori Quilt Sleeveless Hanten

$108.72 USD


Seeveless Sashiko-ori Hanten that is quick and easy to wear

This Sashiko-ori Quilt Sleeveless Hanten has been specially dyed in Niigata Prefecture using a technique called "Speck Dyeing" (also known as "Muraito Dyeing").  It is a special dyeing technique in which threads are dyed one by one by hand to express unevenness and blurring. The appeal of this technique is that it produces gentle colors with a natural taste and a vintage look that has been used for a long time.

The lining is made of cotton broadcloth filled with polyester padding and tailored into a sleeveless Hanten, so it can be worn over samue and other varieties of clothing. The advantage is that there are no sleeves, so there is no need to worry about stains on the sleeves, and it is easy to work with. Worn over a samue, it is warm and is a highly dignified garment that does not deviate from propriety.

  • Fabric Face: 100% Cotton,  Lining: 100% Cotton 
  • Padding: 100% Polyester
  • Fabric thickness : Very thick (1.70mm)
  • Recommended season: Winter
  • Hand wash or Dry cleaning
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight: 455g

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Size Chart 

Size One Size Fits All
Top length of the Hanten 86 34

What Are Hanten?

There are two main types of Hanten; Shirushibanten and Wataireitenten.

Shirushibanten have a store name or crest on the back of the collar and were worn by craftsmen as formal wear or work clothes.

Wataire Hanten were born as winter wear for ordinary people. They feature padding between the outer and inner lining for warmth during Japan's cold winters.

Today, our hanten are worn by a wide variety of people as a kind of stylish jacket both indoors or for going out.

Wasuian's Commitment

Our padded hanten are designed to be durable, comfortable, and allow freedom of movement. The thin and lightweight padding between the outer and inner lining helps retain warmth in winter without adding bulk or restricting movement.

Our approach preserves traditional craftsmanship while incorporating modern techniques. We are particular about sewing in various places to be light, easy to wear and last a long time.

As a result, our padded hanten are popular in Japan during the colder months. People from all walks of life find them so comfortable that they wear them daily.

Hanten by Wasuian

In addition to the traditional padded hanten, Wasuian offers sleeveless ponchos and samue-style garments with a double layer of warmth around the stomach.

Our Shirushibanten and Haori and Jacket are made without padding and are based on the traditional design. Designed for comfort, these fashionable Hanten let you incorporate Japanese traditions into modern casual outfits. Wear one over jeans and a t-shirt, match it with your samue, or coordinate it with samue pants — the possibilities are endless!

About Us

Over 60 years, we became the top producer of samue (traditional workwear now popularly used as loungewear) in Japan. Our garments combine traditional techniques with modern functionality and design.