Jinbei are a traditional garment designed for warmer weather. The jackets have slits or lace on the sides for ventilation. Meanwhile, the arms and legs are half-length to help the wearer stay cool.

Today, attracted by their comfort, ease of use, and minimalist aesthetic, people worldwide enjoy jinbei as summer relaxation wear and loungewear. They can be worn indoors or wherever your mood takes you.

Recommended: Coolmax Soccer Jinbei

This ideal jinbei for first-time buyers mixes modern Coolmax soccer fabric with a traditional design.

It is easy to handle, lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and highly functional. Its uneven surface does not stick to the skin and offers excellent breathability. The fiber structure wicks moisture, keeping you cool, dry, and stress-free.

7060 Jinbei Casual Summer Clothes Cotton Shijira
From ¥16,000 JPY
No.1 NavyNo.2 BlueNo.4 BlackNo.5 BeigeNo.6 GrayNo.7 GreenNo.8 Brown+ 4 more
7003 Jinbei Casual Summer Clothes Cotton Hemp Youryu
From ¥18,000 JPY
No.1 NavyNo.2 BlueNo.3 BeigeNo.4 BlackNo.5 GrayNo.6 BrownNo.7 Green+ 4 more