Beginners Guide for Choosing a Samue

Samue is a type of Japanese kimono originally worn by Zen Buddhist monks as they performed their daily tasks (samu). Today, in addition to being used at temples, samue has become popular among the general public as relaxation wear, loungewear, and everyday wear. In response to the growing number of people who wear samue and its expanding range of uses, Wasuian offers a wide variety of fabrics, designs, and colors to choose from. If you are not sure which samue fits you best, please take a look at this article for reference in selecting a product.

Find by purpose


Our samue is comfortable to the touch and worn loosely, not tight. Because it's so comfortable, many of our customers use it as loungewear or nightwear.

In Japan, an increasing number of inns and hotels have adopted samue as their indoor wear in recent years.

Samue is a perfect choice for spending time in the comfort of your own home, relaxing with your partner or family. All of our products can be worn as loungewear or nightwear if you so choose. Here are some of our most recommended items for each season.

Spring & Summer

2060 Cotton-Ramie Shijira Samue

Shijira is a traditional fabric weaving technique that creates rippled textures in the fabric. These ripples create air pockets between the fabric and the skin, allowing it to breathe and reducing the stickiness caused by perspiration. This is the main draw of the shijira samue—it allows air to easily pass through, making it refreshing to wear in the hot and humid summer. By blending cotton and ramie, it has a gentle feel and keeps you feeling cool. Because of its comfort and relaxing qualities, many people choose it as a gift, but you may want to get one for yourself, too!

Spring Thru Fall

6001 Kasuri Tsumugi Samue

This is a standard samue you can wear all year round, with a wide range of 17 colors to choose from. Tsumugi fabric, which is characterized by its knots (neps), is dyed to create a kasuri pattern. The spirit of Japan is tangible in this unique fabric. The 100% cotton fabric is washable and easy to care for. Choose from a wide range of available sizes to find the one that fits your body shape just right.

Fall & Winter

3055 Cotton Twill Weave Samue

Twill refers to the structure of the weave,characterized by excellent elasticity and wrinkle resistance, and is softer and more pliable than many plain weave textiles. This product is a slightly heavier weight, has a glossy finish, and is recommended as loungewear for the colder fall and winter seasons. Being 100% cotton and machine washable, it's as practical as it is comfortable and stylish. There are 11 color variations, including bright colors such as bronze, yellow and pink, bringing a touch of cheer to the dark and chilly months, as well as early spring! You are sure to find one that's just right for you!

Home & Garden

Recently, more and more customers are incorporating samue into their daily wear and outfit coordination. In Japan, there is a concept called "one-mile wear," which refers to clothing that is comfortable enough to be worn as loungewear, yet stylish enough to be worn on quick outings within a one-mile radius of home. Samue is also very popular as one-mile wear that reflects the modern working style and lifestyle.

It can be worn while shopping at a nearby store or during a relaxing coffee break at a café. Here are some products that are perfect for small outings.

Spring & Summer

1095 Omi Chijimi Hon'asa (Pure Ramie) Samue

Omi Chijimi is a brand of the finest ramie fabric, with a history of more than 400 years. This fabric is made using traditional techniques to soften the stiffness characteristic of ramie, and has an appealing, light, and and amazingly comfortable feel.

It has excellent moisture absorption and exaporation properties, which reduces stickiness caused by perspiration. This product, which is both cool and comfortable to the touch, is a reassuring ally during the hot spring and summer months. The luxurious fabric has all the qualities of comfortable casual wear, but just chic enough to make it an excellent choice for being out and about.

Spring Thru Fall

5095 Kaihara Denim Pima Cotton Samue

This samue is made of supple and shiny denim fabric using 100% pima cotton, considered the highest quality of cotton. It is produced by Kaihara Corporation, a well-known denim manufacturer with the largest market share in Japan. Each stage of the tailoring process is carefully managed by dedicated Japanese craftsmen.

The fabric has none of the stiffness that is common in other denim fabrics, and its comfortable texture exceeds even the highest expectations, making your day just a little more special. This lightweight demin is durable and wrinkle-resistant, so it can be enjoyed all year round and last for years to come.

Fall & Winter

1055 Small Pattern Dobby Sashiko-ori Samue

Woven on a traditional dobby loom, this samue fabric is made with a distinctive stitching technique. The uniformly lined pattern of small dots gives a depth to the fabric that is not often seen in other textiles. Its appearance when viewed from far away is different from the impression it gives from up close, pulling in your interest. You'll never grow tired of it.

The fabric is soft and durable, made from 100% cotton, and its moderate thickness makes it suitable for the colder season. This samue, combining simplicity and individuality, is a particularly popular product here at Wasuian. Try it for yourself and see what everyone loves about it!

Creative Pursuits

Samue is also a recommended garment for people engaged in physically active work or creative activities. Although samue was originally worn by Buddhist monks, it eventually gained popularity among artisans (e.g., potters and Japanese chefs) as a garment for all kinds of work related to traditional Japanese culture.

Recently, we have received comments from ordinary household customers that samue is the perfect garment for daily chores and yard work. We have adjusted the Creative Pursuits category to include these uses as well.

Here we introduce excellent products for work and creative wear, particularly in how they perform with details such as ease of movement, fabric breathability, and number of pockets.

Spring & Summer

8050 Linen-Cotton Roll-Up Samue

This lightweight spring/summer samue is a balanced blend of 50% linen and 50% cotton. The jacket sleeves and the hem of the pants can be rolled up and fastened in place with buttons, making it perfect for when you want to feel instantly cooler or for keeping the sleeves and pant legs out of the way while working. The buttons prevent slipping while you are going back and forth focusing on your task.

It is easy to use as both workwear and relaxation wear, and is a perfect companion for your passion projects. We recommend keeping one on hand during the summer!

Spring Thru Fall

5020 T/C Burberry-ori Samue

This samue is made of T/C (Tetoron Cotton) in a Burberry-weave. It is an excellent dense fabric that leaves a lusterous and luxurious impression, but is also functional in that it is wrinkle resistant, stain resistant, and dries easily. This is our answer to many requests from temple priests, calligraphers, and potters; creating a garment with no-nonsense elastic sleeves and hems that are both easy to work in and easy to wash. Simply push up the sleeves and pull up the pant hems when you need to, and pull them back down when you're done.

The relatively lightweight fabric makes it ideal work wear from spring to fall.

Fall & Winter

1113 Wool-like Stretch Samue [HIJIRI]

This is a piece of clothing was created upon request by a temple, which needed a practical and highly functional product. So, we went back to the samue's roots and refined its functionality for daily tasks (samu).

It is packed with features that make it easy to work in, such as elastic sleeves and hems, pockets with zippers, back pockets in the pants, and knee pads. The 100% polyester fabric has a texture that feels like wool—it is both warm and easy to care for. Of course, it is also very comfortable to wear, making it a versatile product that can be used as both everyday and loungewear.

Still not sure what you like?

This is for those of you who have read this far but still can't find the right product. Are you interested in samue, but do not know when you will wear it or what to use it for? Are you looking for a special gift for someone that will be appreciated?

To you, we recommend this popular and most classic product at Wasuian. It is great for those who are just starting out, so if you have any doubts, try this first. We are sure you will understand the charm and comfort of samue.

1051 Tate Slub Samue

For you are interested in starting out with something classic, we recommend this Tate Slab Samue. It is made of a slab-patterned fabric woven with yarn spun to have intentionally thicker and thinner parts. The unique texture gives the fabric depth—a raw, vintage feel that is one of the reasons this item is so popular.

The 100% cotton fabric is thin, soft, and comfortable to wear. It creates an appealing, solid silhouette with a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from. We highly recommend this samue for first-timers—you're sure to find one that you will love!