[Samue Style] vol.10  ~The work of a nun part3~

[Samue Style] vol.10 ~The work of a nun part3~

Let's take a look into the daily life of a nun and her duties at a temple.
Each movement, from serving tea to taking care of flowers, demonstrates the woman's elegant behavior and gestures.
Wasuian also offers outerwear that is perfect for the chilly seasons. With its fashionable texture, it goes well with samue, even those made for wearing at temples, and is a reliable garment during the cold seasons.
Please find your own Samue Style from our variety of choices that suit the occasion.
[Samue Style] vol.9  ~The work of a nun part2~

[Samue Style] vol.9 ~The work of a nun part2~

As a continuation from the previous video, we would like to show you how our samue, which are popular among monks, are worn at temples.
Traditional Japanese buildings and scenery stand out even more with the presence of samue.
Samue at Wasuian are available in two versions - one with tube sleeves and hemmed pant legs with strings, and another with elasticized sleeves and pant hems - so you are able to choose the perfect look and feel that suits both you and the occasion.
Discover the various ways to wear samue with style and find the perfect samue for you.
[Samue Style] vol.8  ~The work of a nun~

[Samue Style] vol.8 ~The work of a nun~

The samue is said to have originated as workwear worn by Buddhist monks to do their daily chores at the temples. Samue, which are used as a garment to facilitate physical movement and to cleanse the body, are not only for men to wear. Let's take a look at a part of the daily life of a nun by paying attention to how she performs her duties at a temple, which we do not usually get to see. We can see her cleaning the temple every day, tending the garden, and chanting sutras. Please enjoy the affinity and harmony between the nun and samue.
[Samue Style] vol.7  ~Town stroll~

[Samue Style] vol.7 ~Town stroll~

To wear a samue on a stroll is to create a calm and sophisticated atmosphere while being delighted by the ambiance of the townscape.

The beautiful fusion of traditional Japanese clothing and urban modernity can create many enjoyable moments in your life. A quiet cafe, perhaps, can provide a calm experience.
And as you wander the streets, the stress of everyday life seemingly disappears, leaving tranquility and peace.
Please enjoy the serenity of Kiryu City with samue of exquisite quality and texture.

[Samue Style] vol.6  ~The First Visit to Shrines~

[Samue Style] vol.6 ~The First Visit to Shrines~

Hatsumode is one of our traditional events in Japan.
To welcome the new year, people visit shrines and temples to ask the gods and goddesses for happiness in the new year.
In the winter, why don't you wear a samue coat over your samue and enjoy the graceful winter garments?
[Samue Style] vol.5  ~Soba Craft~

[Samue Style] vol.5 ~Soba Craft~

Soba (buckwheat noodles) is a traditional Japanese food.

Samue is a perfect garment for making soba because of its comfort and functionality as workwear.

Since both are traditional cultures, wearing samue when cooking and eating soba is tasteful and elegant.
[Samue Style] vol.4  ~Copying Sutra~

[Samue Style] vol.4 ~Copying Sutra~

Shakyo is the practice of handwritten transcriptions of Buddhist scriptures.

Writing the sutras correctly with all one's heart helps one understand the content and strengthens one's spirit.

Samue is the perfect garment for this practice to calm the body and mind.
[Samue Style] vol.3 ~Zen Meditation~

[Samue Style] vol.3 ~Zen Meditation~

Samue is also suitable for practicing Zen.

Zen, a way of seeking peace of mind, and comfortable samue, go well together.

Wearing a comfortable samue helps you focus on practicing the spiritual unification of Zen.

[Samue Style] vol.2 ~tea ceremony practice~

[Samue Style] vol.2 ~tea ceremony practice~

Why not wear samue when you practice the manner of the tea ceremony?

Samue is much easier to wear and move around, making it perfect for attending practices compared to a kimono.

However, please check with a teacher whether you can actually wear it for your class, because it might not be suitable due to school manners.

You can wear samue other than relaxing and work wear.
[Samue Style] vol.1  ~Ryurei~

[Samue Style] vol.1 ~Ryurei~

There is a type of tea ceremony called Ryurei, which is performed sitting on a chair instead of sitting in seiza form.

It is said to have originated for foreign guests attending a tea ceremony for the first time. How about wearing a samue when you enjoy some delicious Matcha green tea and traditional Japanese sweets?

We highly recommend you wear a samue that fits easily into the atmosphere.

-Samue Style-

-Samue Style-

Samue is a traditional Japanese garment.

The soft material and loose silhouette of samue give it a comfortable feel in all situations, for both relaxing and work. We'd like to introduce how attractive, comfortable, and functional samue is as a modern fashion item.

The Ultimate Zen & Meditation Wear "SAMUE"

The Ultimate Zen & Meditation Wear "SAMUE"

Our samue and jinbei are unisex, suitable for anyone who wants to experience the charm of traditional Japanese garments.

Let's dive into the world of Zen with our samue, which not only feels great but also helps you enhance your experience of the Zen World. You will be amazed by its comfort and you can enjoy practicing Zen regularly with our samue!