Your photos wearing SAMUE

Wasuian is calling for stunning photos of you wearing a samue, jinbei, or hanten purchased from our store. The sole requirement is that the photos you submit showcase our product.


There are no gender-based restrictions, and we welcome clothing options for both adults and children, provided that you purchased them from Wasuian.


As a token of our appreciation, we will provide you with a 10% discount coupon applied to the total item price of your next purchase. We would also love to feature your photos on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms.


We are hoping to receive your wonderful photos!

**The customers can use one coupon for each order**


How to Apply

Attach your photos and fill in the form

Please attach your photos and fill out our Photo Application Form below with your customer information and feedback.

Important Notes:

  • To participate in our contest, please submit an original photo featuring the face of the person wearing the featured Wasuian product, where the item can also be clearly seen in full. A full-body shot is also acceptable.
  • By sending us your photo, you allow us to use and publish it on our website, social media, and other media. We may edit it as needed.
  • Please note that all rights to use the photos belong to Wasuian, and we may choose which images to publish.
  • Also, not all submitted photos will be published, and we do not accept inquiries or objections regarding the selection process.
  • You can apply for the contest as often as you like, but duplicate product submissions won't qualify for additional coupons.
  • If you purchase a different product and submit a new photo, we'll send you a new coupon.
  • The information and photos you provide in the form may be reproduced in product reviews.