Tips to Make Your Garments Last

Before washing, please check the size and for any loose threads on the product. We cannot accept returns and exchanges once they have been washed.


1. Washing

Each product requires different ways of washing. Please check the washing labels or instructions on the tags.

Products That Are Machine Washable

  As the threads could get stuck and cause tears, please fold it up and insert in a laundry net when washing. The tumble dry function will cause the fabric to shrink, so please do not use it. Please shorten the spin dry time.


Hand Wash Only Products

  Please rub and wash gently. In particular, the color in products using Kusaki-zome dye (such as persimmon varnish and indigo dye) will run when washed, so please do not mix with other fabrics when washing.


In the case of summer samue and jinbei, do not use fabric softener as it may cause the fabric to shift and tear. Also, do not use bleach-containing detergents.


2. Dry in Shade

  Remove from the washing machine immediately after spin dry, stretch the wrinkle with your hands (If you fold them up and pat them with your hands, the wrinkles will stretch even more), and dry them in the shade where there is good ventilation. Exposure to sunlight could dull or change the colors. Drying on a pole is the ideal way, stretching the wrinkles and keeping the shape intact.


3. Ironing

  Products made from natural fabric tend to get wrinkled easily, so please put a patch cloth on top before ironing for a better finish. For summer clothes (like Ohmi Chijimi, Yohryu, Shijira, etc.), they are meant to be rough, so pressing down on them with the iron will destroy the fabric's charms. As such, please do not press down on the fabric and instead just steam iron them and that should be enough to get rid of wrinkles.


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