The use of these durable and practical garments started with Buddhist monks and gradually spread to potters, cooks, artisans, and other professionals engaged in traditional Japanese cultural pursuits.

Today, attracted by their comfort, ease of use, and minimalist aesthetic, people worldwide enjoy wearing samue while relaxing, doing creative work, chores around the house, and more.

Recommended: 1051 Tate Slub Samue

An ideal all-rounder for first-time samue buyers, the Tate Slub Samue features yarn-dyed 100% cotton fabric woven initially in Enshu, a renowned cotton textile production area in Japan's Shizuoka Prefecture.

Tate Slub Samue are popular due to their lightness, simplicity, orthodox shape, and ease of care all year round.

1051 Tate Slub Samue
From $207.69 USD
No.1 NavyNo.2 Iron BlueNo.4 GrayNo.5 BrownNo.6 GreenNo.7 Black+ 3 more
1054 Large Pattern Dobby Sashiko-ori Samue
From $249.23 USD
No.10 GreenNo.11 Dark NavyNo.12 BlueNo.13 GrayNo.14 BrownNo.26 Black+ 3 more
6001 Kasuri Tsumugi Samue
$200.77 USD
No.1 BeigeNo.2 BrownNo.3 Dark BrownNo.4 Golden YellowNo.5 Yellow OcherNo.6 Matcha GreenNo.7 Light GreenNo.8 Light BlueNo.9 BlueNo.10 NavyNo.11 GrayNo.12 BlackNo.13 PinkNo.14 Wine RedNo.15 Dark RedNo.16 OrangeNo.17 Royal Purple+ 14 more
3055 Cotton Twill Weave Samue
$186.92 USD
No.1 NavyNo.2 GrayNo.3 BrownNo.4 Bronze YellowNo.5 GreenNo.6 BlackNo.7 WhiteNo.9 Antique PurpleNo.11 PinkNo.14 BlueNo.16 Dark Red+ 8 more
1055 Small Pattern Dobby Sashiko-ori Samue
From $249.23 USD
No.15 Dark NavyNo.16 BlueNo.17 GrayNo.18 BrownNo.19 Dark BrownNo.20 Black+ 3 more
2060 Cotton-Ramie Shijira Samue
From $166.15 USD
No.201 BeigeNo.202 GrayNo.206 GreenNo.207 Dark NavyNo.208 BrownNo.209 Black+ 3 more
1092 Cotton-Ramie Yoryu Samue
From $200.77 USD
No.71 Dark NavyNo.73 BlueNo.74 GrayNo.75 BrownNo.78 GreenNo.79 Black+ 3 more
8050 Linen-Cotton Roll-Up Samue
$200.77 USD
No.1 BeigeNo.2 Dark NavyNo.3 BrownNo.4 Black+ 1 more