2012 Thick Pattern Sashiko-ori Samue(Japanese clothes)

¥34,000 JPY


Durable "Samue" made using traditional Japanese fabric called "Sashiko-ori"

 This is very popular item in our store. Durable fabrics, yet this texture that is reminiscent of the judo uniforms, comfortable supple. You can feel the skill of Japanese craftsmen in the careful sewing technique. With this Samue, you can stay warm from autumn to winter. Please enjoy the unique charm that is majestic and powerful. 

  • Cotton:100%
  • Machine washable (using a net)
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight :1230gLsize

 << Notes on size selection >>

Due to the slow weave to soften and the nature of natural fibers (cotton), this product tends to shrink after washing.

It depends on the washing method and frequency, but if it is used for a long time, the length of the top and pants will shrink. If you're wondering which size to choose, choose the larger one.


 What is Samue?

Samue (作務衣) is the work clothing of Japanese Zen Buddhist monks, worn when engaged in "samu" means daily works of Zen monks such as cleaning and wood chopping.

Made from cotton or linen and traditionally dyed brown or indigo to distinguish them from formal vestments. In modern times they have become popular as general casual or work wear.
Because samue is originally made as working clothes, it is very functional, easy to wear and it also allows freedom of movement.

Compare to kimono, samue has less regulations. There are no rules such as when, where, how to wear. It has variety in materials, so you can enjoy various textures throughout the seasons. Above all, you can appreciate Japanese clothing by the enjoyment of dressing samue.


 What is “Sashiko-ori”?

"Sashiko-ori" is one of the weaving methods of fabric for reinforcement and decoration.

This technique was used in firefighting clothing in the past, and is still used in martial arts clothing such as judo and kendo even today.

In the past, "sashiko" were manually stabbed one by one, but after that, mechanization progressed, and textiles were developed so that the pattern of the sashiko would appear.

The Sturdy weave and rustic taste make it a perfect fit for autumn and winter outfits.


How to care for Samue & Jinbei

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