There are several Wasuian samue that use a fabric called "Sashiko-ori." The following three types are typical.



Looking at these product names, what is "Sashiko-ori" in the first place? There are probably many people who have wondered about this.
In this article, we will explain the roots and characteristics of "Sashiko" and "Sashiko-ori" and compare the recommended products of our Sashiko-ori samue and their characteristics.



What is “Sashiko”?

Sashiko is a traditional Japanese handicraft. It is said that the origin of this method is to hand-embroider the layers of cloth in order to reinforce the clothes and keep them warm, as well as to express people's wishes and prayers, such as for a good harvest, as a talisman against evil, and for prosperous business. The work of creating patterns by pricking is still popular today as a hobby.




Sashiko is said to have originated from farmers who could only make clothes with hemp, and they devised ways to add hemp threads to the woven hemp cloth regularly to improve durability and heat retention. This technique was used for firefighting uniforms in 17th to 19th century Japan (Edo period) due to its durability.



"Sashiko-ori" created by mechanization

"Ori" is written using the "織" kanji in Japanese. This is a kanji that means "to weave." With the passage of time, Sashiko weaving began to be mechanized instead of using manual work, and cotton fabrics woven with Sashiko patterns were developed. This is "Sashiko-ori."


Sashiko-ori is also used in martial arts uniforms such as judo and kendo.
Unlike "Sashiko," which often creates decorative patterns with seams, this one has an impression of being specialized in toughness. Sashiko's toughness is enhanced by mechanization, giving it a more sophisticated and powerful impression.



Characteristics and attractiveness

Slowly and carefully woven Sashiko-ori fabric creates a luxurious and beautiful shade that plain weave does not have. It has both rustic and regular yet sophisticated atmosphere.



As mentioned above, it has the effect of improving durability and heat retention, so it is the most comfortable fabric for autumn and winter clothing. It also has the advantage of being "wrinkle resistant." In addition, our Sashiko-ori samue is made of 100% cotton, so it has excellent moisture absorption and is gentle to the touch, so it is convenient as relaxing wear or as work wear. Sashiko-ori is a traditional fabric with excellent design and practicality.

As a precaution, Sashiko-ori samue is prone to shrinkage in the vertical direction due to washing. In particular, 2012 Thick Yarn Sashiko-ori samue is woven slowly and softly, so the thicker the yarn in the vertical direction, the more shrinkage it will get when washed. When choosing a size, it is recommended that you choose a larger size considering that the length and total length of the pants may shrink by 5% to 8%.



Our store's "Sashiko-ori" samue and its comparison

We recommend the following three Sashiko-ori work clothes. 


2012 Thick Yarn Sashiko-ori Samue

It is a monk's working clothes made of a fabric that has a profound feeling and is extremely warm. The texture is reminiscent of the clothing of a martial artist, and gives off a feeling of strength and coolness without frills.

2012 Sashiko-samue



1054 Large pattern Sashiko-ori Samue

A work clothes with an attractive sashiko pattern. It has an old-fashioned yet somewhat modern feel. It is supple and gentle to wear.

1054 Sashiko Samue



1055 Small Pattern Sashiko-ori Samue

Simple and traditional sashiko pattern work clothes. The thickness is moderate, and it is an orthodox samue that can be recommended for many people regardless of age or gender. The fabric has a soft touch that is unique to sashiko.

1055 Sashiko-samue



Thickness and weight are as follows.

2012 Thick Yarn Sashiko-ori Samue approx 1230g approx 1.22mm
1054 Large pattern Sashiko-ori Samue approx 875g approx 0.68mm
1055 Small Pattern Sashiko-ori Samue approx 855g approx 0.73mm


Only 2012 Thick Yarn Sashiko-ori Samue is quite thick. It is the thickest work clothes in our store.

See photo below. 2012 Thick Yarn Sashiko-ori Samue in black, 1054 Large pattern Sashiko-ori Samue in dark blue, and 1055 Small pattern Sashiko-ori Samue in blue (all size L). You can see that the black 2012 Thick Yarn Sashiko-ori Samue is the thickest.

The thickness and weight of 1054 Large pattern Sashiko-ori Samue and 1055 Small pattern Sashiko-ori Samue are about the same, so please choose the pattern you prefer.



2012 Thick Yarn Sashiko-ori Samue and 1055 Small Pattern Sashiko-ori Samue look similar in the picture, but the difference in thickness makes them very different when you hold them in your hands. 2012 Thick Yarn Sashiko-ori Samue is recommended for those who prefer thick, heavy and warm comfort, and 1055 Small Pattern Sashiko-ori Samue is recommended for those who are looking for something soft that can be worn from autumn to spring.




How about spending the chilly season wearing Sashiko-ori samue?

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