1531 COOLMAX Seersucker Jinbei for Kids

$61.16 USD

Featuring a cute checkered seersucker pattern which also combines water absorption and quick-drying properties for a dry and cool feeling.

Thanks to COOLMAX, it is also easy to care for and highly functional with stretchability.
  • 100% Polyester
  • Fabric thickness: Very thin (0.27mm)
  • Recommended season: Summer
  • Machine washable (with a net)
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight: 82g

[This Item's Fabric Sample]


*What is Jinbei?

A jinbei (甚平/甚兵衛) is a traditional set of Japanese clothing worn by men, women, and children during summer. Consisting of a kimono-style top and a pair of trousers.
The tops of Jinbei seams are very loosely sewn to allow for ventilation during hot weather, and from a distance, appear to form a short gap between different fabric pieces.

How to care for Samue & Jinbei