4300 Seamless Tabi Socks ÁE3 Pairs Set

¥6,600 JPY

Tabi socks made with special attention to comfort

These Tabi Shoes socks have no seams on the toes and are especially designed for comfort.
Common Tabi Shoes socks have a seam at the toe, which makes them uncomfortable to wear because the seam touches the toenail. In addition, many people find it troublesome to wear tabi when wearing samue, because of the kohaze. Therefore, using Japan's highly skilled sock manufacturing technology, we have created Tabi Shoes socks that are comfortable to wear, can be worn as casually as socks, and can be worn as they are when going out, such as with setta. The thumb and other fingers are separated, and the toes are seamless, making them very comfortable to wear.
They are available in three colors: navy blue, black, and white to match samue. If you wear samue, this is a very convenient item to have.

  • size:25cm~27cm
  • Under elastic: 18cm
  • Cotton, polyester, nylon, polyurethane
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight :40g