1074 Sashiko-ori Jacket

¥18,000 JPY


Fusion of Japanese and Western styles

We want to bring the Japanese traditional clothing into everyday life as something more familiar.

This jacket is designed not only to be worn with samue, but also to have affinity with everyday clothes. This is a haori type Sashiko-ori jacket recommended from spring to fall.

The moderately thick fabric is light enough to be easily worn in the chilly season. The regular Sashiko-ori pattern gives it a slight sheen. Please use it as a companion for going out and relaxing in comfort.



A kimono is cut from a single piece of cloth with scissors at the minimum necessary position and then tailored so that a single piece of cloth connects the front and back.

The making of Wasuian's jacket follows this method. Of course, it would be easier if the shoulders were sewn into small parts like in Western clothing, but this would change the silhouette of the shoulders, which is unique to traditional Japanese garments.

Also, a seam is created on the back by using a backstitch. In the olden days, Japanese people believed that the seams of the backstitching had the power to prevent evil from creeping up from behind or entering through the back. Wasuian's jacket continues this tradition.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Fabric thickness: Thick (0.67mm)
  • Recommended season: Fall, Winter
  • Machine washable (using a net)
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight: 480g (Size L)


Size Chart 

Size M L LL
inch cm inch cm inch
Top length of the Jacket 73 28 2/3 78 30 2/3 83 32 2/3
Length of the
neck to the sleeve
28 2/3 78 30 2/3 83 32 2/3
  • Pockets at the sides.
 What is “Sashiko-ori”?

"Sashiko-ori" is one of the weaving methods of fabric for reinforcement and decoration. This technique was used in firefighting clothing in the past and is still used in martial arts clothing such as judo and kendo even today.

In the past, "sashiko" were manually stitched one by one, but later were made easier through mechanical methods, and textiles were developed so that the pattern of the sashiko would appear.

The sturdy weave and rustic look make it a perfect fit for autumn and winter outfits.

 Video of this item

 Fabric Sample
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