2028 Women's Quilt Hanten

¥17,000 JPY


Warm Quilt hanten dyed with traditional patterns

This Quilt hanten is light and soft to the touch. It is dyed with traditional Japanese patterns. We have been using these patterns for a long time because they have special meanings.

*Shimamoyou (Stripes: These vertical stripes are often seen as a good representation of the spirit of Edo's "iki", chic and stylishness.)

*Kiku (Chrysanthemum: The flower represents eternal youth, longevity, wishing for good health and driving away evil spirits.)

*Asanoha (Hemp leaves: It has been used in Shinto rituals, and the pattern appeared on the garments of Buddhist statues in the Heian period from the 8th to the 12th century. the hemp leaf pattern is a geometric pattern consisting of a series of triangles and hexagons, which means "to drive away evil spirits”.)

*Yagasuri (Arrow feathers: Since ancient times, Japanese people have believed that arrow feathers have the power to drive evil away.)

*Ume (Plum: One of the auspicious Kissho patterns along with pine and bamboo in Japan. It represents patience, vitality and prosperity.)

*Ishidatami (Stone pavement: The checkered pattern represents prosperity because it continues without interruption. It is also known as the Ichimatsu pattern named after a popular Kabuki actor in the Edo period.)

You can wear it over samue or any other clothing to keep you warm, making it useful for cold seasons. In Japan, it is also a wonderful gift for the fall and winter seasons to give to your loved ones as a message of "Stay warm and relax”.

  • Outer/Lnner fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Padding: 100% Polyester
  • Fabric thickness: Very thick (1.73mm)
  • Recommended season: Winter
  • Hand wash or Dry cleaning
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight: 640g
Size One Size Fits All
Top length of the Coat 77 30
Length of the
neck to the wrist
68 26 1/2

Hanten size

  • Pockets at the sides.
 Fabric Sample
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What Are Hanten?

There are two main types of Hanten; Shirushibanten and Wataireitenten.

Shirushibanten have a store name or crest on the back of the collar and were worn by craftsmen as formal wear or work clothes.

Wataire Hanten were born as winter wear for ordinary people. They feature padding between the outer and inner lining for warmth during Japan's cold winters.

Today, our hanten are worn by a wide variety of people as a kind of stylish jacket both indoors or for going out.

Wasuian's Commitment

Our padded hanten are designed to be durable, comfortable, and allow freedom of movement. The thin and lightweight padding between the outer and inner lining helps retain warmth in winter without adding bulk or restricting movement.

Our approach preserves traditional craftsmanship while incorporating modern techniques. We are particular about sewing in various places to be light, easy to wear and last a long time.

As a result, our padded hanten are popular in Japan during the colder months. People from all walks of life find them so comfortable that they wear them daily.

Hanten by Wasuian

In addition to the traditional padded hanten, Wasuian offers sleeveless ponchos and samue-style garments with a double layer of warmth around the stomach.

Our Shirushibanten and Haori and Jacket are made without padding and are based on the traditional design. Designed for comfort, these fashionable Hanten let you incorporate Japanese traditions into modern casual outfits. Wear one over jeans and a t-shirt, match it with your samue, or coordinate it with samue pants — the possibilities are endless!

About Us

Over 60 years, we became the top producer of samue (traditional workwear now popularly used as loungewear) in Japan. Our garments combine traditional techniques with modern functionality and design.