5080 Samue Coat

¥46,000 JPY


The Special Coat for those who love Samue.

Going out in the cold season. You may not feel comfortable wearing only a samue, but you may not want to wear a Western-style coat with it. We want you to wear a coat that goes well with your samue. This coat was born from such a desire. The wool blend fabric is resistant to losing its shape and the lightness that allows for quick and easy wear is appealing.

While being light and comfortable to wear, it has a warmth that envelops the whole body. The beautiful silhouette of the samue-style garment, which is tied with four cords, is one of its features. Japanese craftsmen have carefully tailored this coat for a quality winter outing.

  • Wool:68%,Polyester 25% Nylon 4% Acrylic 3%
  • Fabric thickness : Very thick (1.46mm)
  • Recommended season : Fall, Winter
  • Tumble dry friendly
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight :1350g

Size Chart 

Size M L LL
inch cm inch cm inch
Top length of the Coat 105
41 1/3 115
45 3/10 125
49 1/4
Length of the
neck to the wrist
29 5/6 81
31 5/6 86
33 5/6