9086 Sashiko-ori Five-Layered Sole Setta

¥13,000 JPY


The chic setta sandals in black with the stately feel of Sashiko-ori and five-layered soles

We make chic and easy-to-wear setta sandals for those who wear samue and jinbei as everyday wear.

These sophisticated black setta sandals add a touch of class to your garments. The thickness of the sole, with its five luxurious layers, gives these sandals a feeling of weight and a modest yet dignified appearance.

Available in a wide range of sizes, these setta adorn your feet with both tradition and modernity. The simple black and Sashiko-ori hanao accents bring Japanese sophistication to any style.

  • Stand: Synthetic Leather (Polyurethane)
  • Hanao (Strap): 100% Cotton
  • Sole:Synthetic Leather
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight: 633g

<Size L>
Length: approx. 8.8in (25.0cm)
Width: approx. 3.9in (10.0cm)
Adaptability: approx. 9.6in - 10.2in (24.5cm – 26.0cm)

<Size LL>
Length: approx. 10.6in (27.0cm)
Width: approx. 4.1in (10.5cm)
Adaptability: approx. 10.2in – 10.8in (26.0cm -27.5cm)

<Size 3L>
Length: approx. 11.2in (28.5cm)
Width: approx. 4.3in (11cm)
Adaptability: approx. 10.8in – 11.4in (27.5cm -29cm)

<Size 4L>
Length: approx. 12in (30.5cm)
Width: approx. 4.5in (11.5cm)
Adaptability: approx. 11.6in – 12.2in (29.5cm -31cm)

Setta are generally worn with the heels slightly out. Therefore, there is no problem even if the heels stick out 1 to 2 cm.

**The footwear is not eligible for a refund or exchange.**

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