9080 Tsumugi-design Setta Sandals

¥9,800 JPY


Thick-soled setta Sandals that combine practicality and design

For those who feel tired and slippery in leather setta, which are hard to wear. We have created chic and easy-to-wear setta for those who wear samue as everyday wear.

The soles are made of grooved rubber to prevent slipping even on tiles on rainy days. In addition, the sole is thicker than that of regular setta so that the part of the foot that is exposed is less likely to get dirty, so it does not bother you even if the ground is a little wet. EVA, a sponge material with cushioning properties, is used between the soles to make the setta less tiring to wear for long periods of time.

The outer fabric is a modern and stylish looking pongee-style fabric. The uneven surface prevents Tabi Shoes from slipping, and this also makes them easy to wear. The nose strap is also made of a soft material so that it does not hurt the feet.

  • Surface: synthetic leather
  • Lining: EVA, synthetic rubber TPR
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight :400g


L:Height/about 25 cm, width/about 10 cm, bottom thickness about 3 cm, adaptability/about 24.5 to 26.0 cm

LL:LL size (9cm): Length/approx. 27cm, width/approx. 10.5cm, bottom thickness approx. 3cm, suitable for 26.0~27.5cm

Setta are generally worn with the heel slightly protruding. Therefore, there is no problem even if the heel protrudes 1 to 2 cm.