9021 Sashiko-ori Shingenbukuro

¥5,000 JPY


Shingenbukuro for autumn and winter with the ruggedness of stitching

This shingen bag is made using different stitch weaving fabrics for the surface and side gussets.
Made of thick stitch weaving fabric suitable for fall and winter and a thick cotton cord, this shingen bag is a manly and rugged item. Large pattern dobby stitch samue fabric suitable for fall and winter is used for the outer fabric and small pattern dobby stitch samue fabric for the sides. It is convenient for holding a wallet or cell phone when taking a short walk or going out.

Why not try an autumn outing in a Japanese-made samue and shingen bag?
There are six colors in total. Please choose one to match your samue or other clothing.
  • Size(cm): 24 x 16 x 5
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight: 120g
 What is “Sashiko-ori”?

"Sashiko-ori" is one of the weaving methods of fabric for reinforcement and decoration. This technique was used in firefighting clothing in the past and is still used in martial arts clothing such as judo and kendo even today.

In the past, "sashiko" were manually stitched one by one, but later were made easier through mechanical methods, and textiles were developed so that the pattern of the sashiko would appear.

The sturdy weave and rustic look make it a perfect fit for autumn and winter outfits.

 Fabric Sample
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