8060 Sashiko-ori Hanao Geta

¥7,000 JPY


Perfect with samue and jinbei. Japan-made black geta sandals with speck-dyed stitching on the thong.

These Japanese cedar geta sandals are comfortable and easy to pair with our samue and jinbei. Sashiko fabric, dyed and woven in the traditional way, is inserted into the black cedar stand as the thong. It is a chic design with a rustic yet modern feel. The stand is made of Hita cedar, which is very light and has cushioning and strength.

These geta sandals are soft to the touch, and you will not feel tired even when wearing them all day.

  • Hanao (Strap): 100% Cotton
  • Stand: Hita cedar
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight: 400g (Size L)
Size Length Width JP size EU size UK size US size
L cm 25 10 24.5-26.0 39-42 5 1/2 - 7 6 1/2 - 8
inch 10 4
LL cm 27 10.5 26.0-27.5 42-45 7-8 1/2 8-9 1/2
inch 10 1/2 4

Since they are handmade by Japanese artisans, some may have flaws or bubbles in the dye. Please enjoy them as a part of the texture.

**The footwear is not eligible for a refund or exchange.**

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