4400 Washi Seamless Tabi Socks ÁE3 Pairs Set

¥8,400 JPY

Light, cool, and steam-free washi fiber tabi socks for summer

Please use it with your summer kimono. Washi fiber is lightweight, cool, non-stuffy, odorless, and comfortable Tabi Shoes socks.

Using yarn made from Japanese paper, these 21st century socks are a fusion of tradition and new technology. Washi yarn fiber is also an environmentally friendly fiber that, when disposed of, is decomposed by microorganisms in the soil.
As for the construction of the socks, the toe portion has no seams, and the toes are comfortable to wear even when wearing shoes. We have created Tabi Shoes socks that are comfortable, can be worn as easily as socks, and can be worn as they are when going out, such as with setta. The thumb and other fingers are separated, and the toes are seamless, making them very comfortable to wear.
They are available in three colors: navy blue, black, and white to match samue. If you wear samue in summer, this is a very convenient item to have.

  • size:25cm~27cm
  • Japanese paper, nylon, polyester, polyurethane
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight :47g
What is “OJO+”?
OJO+, a yarn made from paper, is produced by Oji Fibers, a Japanese company.
Japan has long had the technology to make yarn from paper. Although the yarn was environmentally and skin-friendly, it was expensive and difficult to mass-produce. However, the company has developed a system to produce it using a new technology.
The raw material, Manila hemp, is a biodegradable material that grows quickly, absorbs carbon dioxide, and does not produce toxic substances when the yarn is incinerated. It is a next-generation fiber that is environmentally friendly.