1047 Tate Slub Haori

¥16,000 JPY


Wear Haori for a more prestigious look

This is a Haori for the popular 1051 Tate Slab Samue. The thin cotton fabric of the Tate Slab Haori has a rustic texture. By daring to spin yarns of different thicknesses, an uneven texture called slub is created.

The 1051 Tate Slab Samue is a Wasuian standard Samue that is constantly ordered throughout the year because of its long-wearing season.
This is a comfortable garment that can be easily thrown on when going out in Samue or when you have a sudden visitor. It is recommended for spring and fall outings, as it makes the wearer look dignified and respectful like a kimono ensemble.

  • The Surface:Cotton 100% 
  • The liner:polyester 100%
  • Fabric thickness : Thin (0.45mm)
  • Recommended season : Spring, Fall
  • Hand wash or tumble dry
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight :280g(Lsize)
Size M L LL
inch cm inch cm inch
Top length of the Haori 78
30 5/7 83 32 2/3 87 34 1/4