1040 Tate Slub Long Haori

$136.91 USD


Long haori for year-round use that goes well with Western clothes

Slub yarns are woven together with thick knotted yarns lengthwise in the weave, giving the fabric a rich expression and a rustic look due to the variation of thickness in the yarn. The warp and weft yarns are dyed in different colors and woven together, creating a deep and enticing color.

It is a perfect match for a chic look in both spring and fall fashion.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Fabric thickness: Thin (0.45mm)
  • Recommended season: Spring, Fall
  • Machine washable (with a net)
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight: 400g


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How to care for Samue & Jinbei

Size Chart

Size M L
inch cm inch
Top length of the Haori 100 39 110
Length of the
neck to the wrist
28 1/2 78
30 1/2

What are Haori?

Haori (羽織) is a traditional Japanese hip- or thigh-length jacket worn over a kimono. The Haori is worn for a variety of purposes, including as part of formal attire, as protection against cold and dust, and as fashionable clothing.

The Haori was originally worn by men, and its name is said to have originated from the "Jinbaori," a Haori worn over armor on the battlefield. In modern-day Japan, Haoriare worn by both men and women. Try adding a piece of Haori for a one-rank higher look.

Haori by Wasuian

In addition to the traditional haori, Wasuian offers sleeveless ponchos and samue-style garments with a double layer of warmth around the stomach.

Our Haori and Jacket are made without padding and are based on the traditional design. Designed for comfort, these fashionable Haori let you incorporate Japanese traditions into modern casual outfits. Wear one over jeans and a t-shirt, match it with your samue, or coordinate it with samue pants — the possibilities are endless!

Wasuian’s Commitment: The Beauty of the Collar

The collar has always been an essential part of the kimono, as is evident in the idiom "Eri Wo Tadasu" ("straighten the collar"). For our haori, we avoid placing stitches on the front of the collar by using the sophisticated drop stitching technique. It relies on the fingertips to apply the sewing machine to the edge of the collar, just 1 to 2 mm away. Our artisans carefully make every garment by hand. We strive to balance preserving the essence and techniques of traditional Japanese clothing while evolving the designs to match modern lifestyles.

About Us

Over 60 years, we became the top producer of samue (traditional workwear now popularly used as loungewear) in Japan. Our garments combine traditional techniques with modern functionality and design.