7003 Cotton-Ramie Yoryu Jinbei No.1 Navy

7003 Cotton-Ramie Yoryu Jinbei No.1 Navy / L
5' 9" / 167lbs (175cm / 76kg)

I have an inverted triangle shape from strength training exercises, but it is loose and just right for ease of movement. The cotton/ramie blend is a smooth and comfortable fit, which is great for the hot Texas weather (April through October). I work from home, so I use it mainly as indoor wear for work. I used to wear T-shirts and shorts to work, but the jinbei, made in Japan from Japanese fabric and sewn with great care by skilled Japanese artisans, is refreshing to wear all day long. It gives me more energy for work! (I once wore a jinbei made in China.) The neat collar makes me feel good, and I can maintain my identity as a Japanese even if I live permanently in a foreign country lol. I bought 1051 Tate Slub Samue I bought in iron blue and navy / L. It will be cooler around Thanksgiving (late November), so I am looking forward to wearing those samue.

Staff Comment

We received this photo from a customer who lives in Texas. It looks a perfect fusion of two cultures. We love the cowboy hat and jinbei style! We hope our samue and jimbei remind you of your home, Japan!