1113 Wool-Like Stretch Samue [HIJIRI]

1113 Wool-Like Stretch Samue [HIJIRI] No.2 Gray /  LL 

6' 0" / 209lbs (183cm / 95kg)

The fit was perfect and the looser baggier cut of this particular samue makes it very comfortable for zazen. 

Such a great Samue that is really warm and even though the fabric is wool like it is very soft and not scratchy at all. After wearing this around me fellow Soto-Shu priests three of them informed me that they plan on purchasing this Samue. 

  1113 1113 Wool-Like Stretch Samue [HIJIRI]

Staff Comment

We received a photo submission from the United States.
It is a cool outfit worn with underwear and snow geta!
As the customer commented, the [Sei] series samue is more relaxed than our other products, making it comfortable and easy to move around in.
Of course, it is also a perfect piece for relaxing.