1105 Ice Cotton Omi Chijimi Samue No.1 Navy

1105 Ice Cotton Omi Chijimi Samue No.1 Navy / LL
5' 11" / 176lbs (180cm / 80kg)

Domo arigato!! I am very happy about the Samue. I love this blue and both parts fit very well! You chose so well!!

I bought this samue for Walter, a Swiss musician who lives in Switzerland and is the husband of a friend of mine. When he asked me if he could wear a samue, I looked into Wasuian online shopping and sent it to him. He was very pleased with the freshness and comfort of the samue and immediately sent me some pictures. It is a great pleasure for me to know that he can wear a samue made in Japan with Swiss threads produced by a long-established manufacturer in Switzerland, as I feel a connection between the two countries. I have permission from him and his wife to submit the photos.

Staff Comment

It is our pleasure that our customers feel comfortable with our items and become fond of them. We also feel a wonderful connection. Thank you very much for choosing our samue as a gift and sending us nice photos.