Samue is a type of Japanese clothing that is being worn more and more often as room wear or everyday wear. This is mainly because it’s easy to wear and easy to move around in. Originally, samu meant all kinds of duties and chores performed by monks at Zen temples, and samue was the clothing worn during samu.

** samu(work) + e(clothing) = samue(work wear)**

Some of our samue are labeled "HIJIRI”, meaning “holy person” in the item name. Beginning with 5033 Double Weave Stretch Samue which went on sale in the fall of 2020, the number of styles has gradually increased to eight as of May 2023 and is now called the "HIJIRI Series."

In this blog, I would like to explain the features of the HIJIRI Series samue, using the spring/summer item, 1220 Reflax® Samue [HIJIRI], as an example.

[Reflax® Samue]

Recommended Item

1220 Reflax® Samue [HIJIRI]

1220 Reflax® Samue [HIJIRI]

Reflax® is a new polyester fabric that combines the natural feel of hemp with a crisp texture. It can be machine-washed and is characterized by its smooth and comfortable feel on the skin. It also has a lower risk of shrinkage, wrinkling, or feathering. The fabric is thin and has a cooling effect, making it a perfect samue for the hot seasons.

[Design Features]

The HIJIRI Series is made with a wider and more relaxed silhouette, including the connecting seam of the pant legs, as well as the overall width of the pants. The inside pocket of the jacket, zippered pocket, and miyatsuguchi, the opening parts under the armpits, make this samue both functional and easy to move around in, with elastic sleeves and hems. Here is a point-by-point explanation of these features of the jacket and pants.

Jacket #1: Inside Pocket

Let's start with the jacket. There is a pocket on the inside of the left collar of the jacket, suitable for items such as a cell phone or pens that you need to access easily. The location of the inside pocket is marked by the light purple circle in the image below.

When you open the left collar, there is a convenient pocket in a position that you can easily get to. The size is approximately 26 cm (10.2 inches) in length and 17 cm (6.7 inches) in width, so it is also ideal for putting a card case or a thin wallet.

Jacket #2: Pocket with Zipper

The front of the jacket has a large pocket with a zipper on the lower right side. This is the location marked by the light purple circle in the image below.

Since the opening has a zipper, it is easily sealed and highly secure. The size of the pocket is approximately 20 cm (7.8 inches)in length and width, which is a size larger than our other samue, so it has more room to carry different things. The pocket is on the right side, so it stands out less when worn, keeping the samue looking neat and tidy.

Jacket #3: Miyatsuguchi

Both sides of the jacket are fitted with miyatsuguchi, the opening parts under the armpits, which allow the arms to move easily.

The miyatsuguchi also serve as ventilation openings and help keep you cool in hot weather. In addition, slits have been cut in the hems of both sides to allow for easier movement. This is also great for when you are relaxing, such as lying down on the bed or stretching out on the sofa.

Pants #1: Full Elastic and Ties

Now that we’ve covered the jacket, I would like to explain the features of the pants. The waistband of the pants is fully elastic, and ties with strings, making it easy to adjust the size of the waist.

Pants #2: Back Pocket

In addition to pockets on both sides of the pants, a pocket on the back is a special feature unique to the HIJIRI Series.

Pants #3: Buttock and Knee Padding

As a way to protect the parts of the pants that are easily damaged by continuous wear, padding in the rear and on the knees is also added. They are reinforced with careful sewing that blends into the fabric not to be seen. (*1: The Women's HIJIRI Series, recommended for petite people and women, does not have padding in these areas.) This is a photo of the back of the pants (the light makes the color look brighter). The padding in the back is attached to the circled area, so let’s take a closer look with the pants turned inside out.

It is hard to see from the front, but it is double-reinforced. The knees are reinforced in the same way.

Now that I have explained the features of the HIJIRI Series above, I hope you will try them out. With a relaxed silhouette, great comfort, and functionality in various areas, we know you will enjoy this unique samue.

Reference: How to choose your size

We recommend size LL for people who are over 180cm (5'11") in height. For more details, please check the "Size Chart" on each item page.

1. Size M : 5’6’’ / 125lbs (168cm/57kg)

1113 Wool-Like Stretch Samue [HIJIRI]
for fall and winter

2. Size M : 5’8’’ / 154lbs (173cm/70kg)

5038 Stretch Twill Samue [HIJIRI]
for spring and fall

3. Size L : 5’9’’ / 143lbs (175cm/65kg)

5052 CLEANSE® Burberry-ori Samue [HIJIRI]
for spring and fall

4. Size L : 5’10’’ / 174lbs (178cm/79kg)

1220 Reflax® Samue [HIJIRI]
for spring and summer

The above is an explanation of the features of the HIJIRI Series. I hope you are now interested in the Hijiri Series samue, which have a relaxed silhouette, are comfortable to wear, and are filled with attention to functionality in various areas. Why not try authentic Japanese samue with comfort and functionality?

5037 Women's Stretch Twill Samue [HIJIRI], for spring and fall