We have changed the room wear from yukata to samue. We wash them carefully in-house for ideal comfort.

A Place Where Many Stories Gather

Motoyu Jinya, located between Tokyo and Hakone and only a 5-minute walk from Tsurumaki Onsen Station, is a purely Japanese-style inn in Hadano City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and has a history spanning more than 100 years. Many famous people, including Emperor Meiji and film director Hayao Miyazaki, have visited there.

In addition to the antiques that have been collected little by little by the successive heads of the family, visitors can feel the weight of the accumulated history when they see the valuable items from the Kamakura and Sengoku periods. Included are such pieces as armor related to Mori Motonari and Miyamoto Musashi, a chain katabira from the Takeda family, and a crossed spear from Uesugi Kenshin, which are on display inside the inn.

An Exquisite Healing Space Surrounded by Nature and History

The vast, well-maintained, and beautifully landscaped garden, which covers an area of 10,000 square meters, will make you feel at ease as if you were in a natural forest. Walking through the garden and admiring the flowers and creatures that bring life to the four seasons is a luxurious experience that will surely give you time to rejuvenate yourself.

Tsurumaki Onsen Town is a rather small spa town that has become a bedroom community in recent years due to the expansion of the Tokyo metropolitan area but is unique for its hot spring water. Tsurumaki Onsen, which springs from deep underground in the Tanzawa mountain massif, is known as one of the best hot springs in the world for its calcium content and is said to be effective in relieving fatigue, rheumatism, neuralgia, external injuries, and gastrointestinal diseases (for drinking). In addition to the indoor and garden open-air baths, you will be able to enjoy the famous hot spring water in more extraordinary ways, such as the open-air baths of the mountaintop villa located behind the hotel.

The cuisine, which focuses on seasonal ingredients and uses mountain produce and fresh seafood from the garden, is also very popular. To ensure that guests enjoy a new "taste of Jinya" each time they visit, the restaurant keeps a detailed record of what guests have eaten that day and changes the menu each time they visit.

The Sacred Place of Shogi and Igo

One of the things that cannot be avoided when talking about Motoyu Jinya is its connection with Shogi (Japanese chess) and Igo (Japanese go). The "Shofu-no-Ma", which was the stage for many famous Shogi and Go games, was built in Oiso by the lord of the Kuroda domain to accommodate Emperor Meiji and was relocated to this room. The room, decorated with Paulownia wood and chrysanthemums, has been the site of more than 300 title games, including many famous Shogi and Go tournaments. Some of you may have heard of "Jinya Curry," which is also a meal for professionals of these games.

The garden of "Shofu-no-Ma" was renewed to be more beautiful in the spring of 2023 under the care of Mr. Kazuyuki Ishihara, a world-class garden designer who won the Gold Medal of the "Chelsea Flower Show 2023," the highest international gardening show, his 12th time in total.

The Reason for the Introduction of Samue

Introduced Samue: 1051 Tate Slub Samue, Brown

Originally, both yukata and samue were available as in-house wear, but the amount of yukata outnumbered that of samue, which was only available to guests who requested one. When "Yumura Onsen Midoriya" and "Bessho Onsen Midoriya," both lodging facilities of the Jinya Group, were scheduled to open in 2023, the direction was changed so that samue, which is easy to wear for everyone, would be the main in-house wear, and Motoyu Jinya decided to follow with a new look.

There were reasons for introducing the new samue. First, it was close to the color the inn used for its image and branding. The color and texture were similar to the samue they had been using before, and it was available in a variety of sizes, including children's sizes which could be made using the same fabric as the adult samue (special order for this time). In addition to the look, samue made by Wasuian are comfortable to wear because the hem and waist of the pants are tied with strings, and the customer can adjust them by tying them to their liking - another point that the inn is particular about. The gentle texture of the 100% cotton fabric also seems to satisfy the customers.

In Search of Ideal Comfort

To provide guests staying at the inn with a comfortable and pleasant experience, they began to install an in-house commercial washer/dryer to do our cleaning around 2018. Previously, they used a linen supply company, but because of their location, they had to combine their linens with those of other facilities in the Hakone area, which was not satisfactory in achieving the high standard of comfort that they strived for with Jinya's in-house wear.

After washing, the clothes are dried about 75% of the way in a dryer, then hung on hangers to finish drying, and then only the heavily wrinkled areas are gently ironed to achieve a beautiful finish.

Although clothing will inevitably become damaged during use, JINYA also takes pride in repairing the clothing in-house. Their attitude of taking good care of each and every item is sure to be conveyed to the customers.

Samue with Wonderful Memories

If you have been treated with heartfelt hospitality that gives you an extraordinary experience, you will want to take those memories home with you. At Motoyu Jinya, in addition to towels for overnight stays and a selection of sundries related to the inn, samue is also available for sale.

In addition to samue, chairs and tables in the lounge area of the inn are also available for purchase at the aforementioned Jinya Group inns, Yumura Onsen Midoriya and Bessho Onsen Midoriya. By scanning the QR codes posted near the items, customers can learn about the features of the products and purchase them as they are. This means that customers have the opportunity to choose a chair or table as a souvenir gift as well as to buy it for themselves.

We would be happy if you could experience the soft and gentle comfort of Wasuian samue at home as well.

Facility Information

Tsurumaki Onsen Motoyu Jinya

2-8-24, Tsurumakikita, Hadano City, Kanagawa Prefecture 257-0001


Type of Business : Ryokan
Year of establishment : 1918 (Taisho 7)
Number of rooms : 18 rooms
Room Price : From about 50,000 yen
Installation : Samue for guest rooms
Cleaning : In-house cleaning
Decisive factors for introduction : ✓Increase customer satisfaction ✓Harmony with the facility ✓Comfort ✓Made in Japan
Satisfaction : ✓Comfort ✓Appearance and design ✓Specifications and functionality
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