9083 Non-slip Tate Slub Setta with Thick Sole

¥7,500 JPY


Thick-soled setta that combines practicality and design

We make chic and easy-to-wear setta sandals for those who wear samue and jinbei as everyday wear.

 The soles are made of grooved rubber to prevent slipping even on tile and on rainy days. In addition, the sole is thick so that the part of the foot that is exposed is less likely to get dirty. Also, it doesn't feel uncomfortable even if the ground is a little wet. EVA, a sponge material with cushioning properties, is used between the soles to make the setta sandals less tiring to wear for a whole day.

The same fabric as our popular tate-slub samue is used for the outer fabric. The rich expression and rustic texture of the fabric enhance the calm atmosphere. The thong strap is also made of soft material to prevent foot pain, and every detail of these geta has been designed with the wearer in mind.

  • Surface: 100% Cotton
  • Sole: EVA, Synthetic Rubber TPR
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight: 450g

<Size L>
Length: approx. 7in (25.0cm)
Width: approx. 3.9in (10.0cm)
Bottom thickness: approx. 1.2in (3.0cm)
Adaptability: approx. 6.5in - 8in (24.5cm – 26.0cm)

<Size LL>
Length: approx. 9in (27.0cm)
Width: approx. 4in (10.5cm)
Bottom thickness: approx. 1.2in (3.0cm)
Adaptability: approx. 8in – 9.5in (26.0cm -27.5cm)


Setta are generally worn with the heels slightly out. Therefore, there is no problem even if the heels stick out 1 to 2 cm.

**The footwear is not eligible for a refund or exchange.**

 Fabric Sample
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