8045 Women’s Tatekasuri Design Samue

¥36,000 JPY


Modern designed samue made with ancient Japanese techniques. A piece of clothing to enjoy Japanese style.

The half-skirted Kasuri pattern woven with as many as 10 different colored threads is a very elaborate weave, in which Japanese artisans dye each thread in different colors. Its brilliantly colored design creates a gorgeous atmosphere and seems to brighten up everything around it.

The plain fabric is made of chic thick cotton, and as a fashionable samue for fall and winter, it is the best choice for a fusion of traditional techniques and modern design. The hem of the pants is slit, and the pants as a whole are made to look slender.

This is a piece that allows you to enjoy both modern stylishness and the chic spirit of Japanese fashion when wearing it as everyday wear or as a relaxing garment. This high quality samue is ideal for celebrations and as a gift.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Fabric thickness: Thick (0.78mm)
  • Recommended season: Fall, Winter
  • Machine washable (with a net)
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight: 770g


How to care for Samue & Jinbei