5012 Children's Cotton Twill Weave Samue

$63.20 USD


Small but authentic. You can match it with Cotton Twill Weave Samue.

Using the same fabric as our popular standard item, 3055 Cotton Twill Weave Samue, it is carefully tailored by Japanese artisans. The slightly thicker fabric is durable and comfortable, giving a sense of security.

The slight sheen is another key point. The 100% cotton makes it soft and comfortable to the touch. The chic coloring gives a sense of elegance and creates a slightly mature look. The whole family can enjoy wearing samue together, so it also makes it a great gift.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Fabric thickness: Middle (0.36mm)
  • Recommended season: Spring, Fall, Winter
  • Machine washable (with a net)
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight: 400g (Size 120cm)


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How to care for Samue & Jinbei