3060 Cotton/Ramie Shijira Haori

¥15,000 JPY


Our long-awaited summer-oriented haori for samue creates a dignified look even in hot summers.

This haori for samue is made of shijira-ori fabric suitable for summer. Even in the hot summer, you can create a stunning outfit with dignity.

This item was created in response to customer requests for a haori to match samue in summer.

It is made with the same fabric as the popular ”2060 Cotton/Ramie Shijira Samue  ( https://wasuianjapan.com/products/2060 )", keeping it airy, lightweight, and resilient. This means that the haori can be worn over samue without affecting its appearance, while still keeping you cool and feeling fresh.

In the spring and summer seasons, it is a convenient piece of clothing that can be quickly added to your samue when going out or when you have a sudden visitor.
Please try it together with our summer samue.

  • 75% Cotton, 25% Ramie
  • Fabric thickness: Very thin (0.36mm)
  • Recommended season: Summer
  • Machine washable (with a net)
  • No fabric softener
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight: 155g(L size)