3010 Honkakishibu Dyed Zudabukuro

$104.05 USD

Luxurious Hon Kakishibu dyed headbags. Natural charm with unique texture and functionality.

Hon Kakishibu Dyeing is extremely valuable due to the difficulty of dyeing. It is an elaborate dyed fabric with natural dyes that cannot be mass-produced.

【Kakishibu Dye has been loved for generations.】
There is a reason why Kakishibu Dye has been loved for so long. Kakishibu dyeing is highly waterproof, antiseptic, and mothproof, and it also has the multifunctional effect of making the material stronger. It is the perfect material for shoulder bags.

【The color and texture of kakishibu dyeing are excellent.】
The tannin, the main pigment component of persimmon tannin, condenses and polymerizes over time, so the more the material is used and the older it gets, it develops an even more beautiful color. The unique textures, which cannot be achieved with chemical dyes, and the various positive effects of kakishibu can be felt along with the deep colors, which is a proof of genuine kakishibu dyeing.

【The production of Zutabukuro by Japanese artisans.】
The Zutabukuro can hold a wallet, cell phone, notebook, etc., and is useful when going out. It is made of 100% natural cotton without any metal fittings, and the length can be freely adjusted by tying the string. Inside there are pockets for organizing small items, making this Zutabukuro highly functional. It is good not only for daily use but also a great gift for those who love wearing samue.
  • Size Height: 28cm Width: 32cm Gusset: 5cm
  • Fabric thickness: Middle (0.55mm)
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight: 340g

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