1045 Tate Slub Jacket

¥18,000 JPY


Fusion of Japanese and Western styles

This jacket is a fusion of Japanese and Western styles to make the traditional Japanese dress more familiar to the everyday life of Japanese people. Slub fabric" with a rustic and unique texture is used. The fabric is made of "slub yarn," which is intentionally spun so that it has thick and thin parts, and is characterized by its rustic texture and worn-in look.

This thin and comfortable cotton material can be worn throughout the year, and the jacket can be used not only with samue but also with other clothing in many other situations. With a total of 6 colors available, you can enjoy a wide range of coordination and fashion.



A kimono is cut from a single piece of cloth with scissors at the minimum necessary position and then tailored so that a single piece of cloth connects the front and back.

The making of Wasuian's jacket follows this method. Of course, it would be easier if the shoulders were sewn into small parts like in Western clothing, but this would change the silhouette of the shoulders, which is unique to traditional Japanese garments.

Also, a seam is created on the back by using a backstitch. In the olden days, Japanese people believed that the seams of the backstitching had the power to prevent evil from creeping up from behind or entering through the back. Wasuian's jacket continues this tradition.


  • Cotton:100%
  • Fabric thickness : Thin (0.45mm)
  • Recommended season : Spring, Fall
  • Machine washable (using a net)
  • No dryer use
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight :310g


Size M L LL
inch cm inch cm inch
Top length of the Jacket 73 28 2/3 78 30 2/3 83 32 2/3
Length of the
neck to the wrist
28 2/3 78 30 2/3 83 32 2/3