When it comes to attending a tea ceremony, there are no strict rules mandating the wearing of a Kimono. While Western clothing is perfectly acceptable, it is advisable to avoid overly casual attire or anything deemed unsuitable for the ambiance of a tea ceremony room.

For those partaking in their first tea ceremony, we recommend considering the donning of a Samue. Originally the attire of Zen Buddhist monks, the Samue has evolved into a popular choice for casual wear in Japan in recent years. Its similarity to Western-style clothing makes it a comfortable and fitting option.

There is also a particular style of tea ceremony known as "Ryurei," where tea is served while seated in a chair, a departure from the usual practice of preparing and serving tea on tatami mats. This innovation was pioneered by Omotesenke and Urasenke when hosting foreign dignitaries, and it includes the use of a specialized shelf designed to accommodate individuals with weaker leg strength or those who find sitting on the floor challenging, ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable tea experience.