5095 Kaihara Denim Pima Cotton Samue No.1 Dark Navy / M
5' 6" / 143lbs (168cm / 65kg)

The size M fits a bit large on me, so it’s very comfortable. Someone with the same height and weight could probably wear size S if they like more adjusted clothe.

I’m absolutely glad that I chose this garment as my work uniform. I work in a textile atelier and the threads and fabric dust ruin my classic clothes. This Denim Samue doesn’t keep the dust and threads on it, everything slide on the denim so I can keep my working clothes on after work and still look good.

Moreover, the customer experience with this website is delight.

Staff Comment

Here is a great photo we received from France. This thin denim samue can be worn by people of all ages and is also a great gift idea. We love your smile! You show us that we could send the samue you like!