5055 Nanako-ori Samue No.3 White

5055 Nanako-ori Samue No.3 White / L
5' 4" (164cm)

The L size is a little big, but it fits comfortably.

I purchased a white samue for the Shikoku pilgrimage and found it to be both functional and durable. The size is medium if you want it to fit tightly, but I chose a larger size because I always like to wear it loosely. I would like to get another one as it is inconvenient to wear only one.
 5055 Nanako-ori Samue No.3 White

Staff Comment

White is the sacred color that connects God and man. It also has been considered the color to ward off evil spirits in Japan since ancient times. Because it is a simple color, the samue looks beautiful against the architecture and the carpet of ginkgo leaves. Some of Wasuian's samue come in white. We recommend this Nanako-ori samue with elastic hem and sleeves as work wear. Thank you for your wonderful photo.