2060 Cotton-Ramie Shijira Samue No.208 Brown

2060 Cotton-Ramie Shijira Samue No.208 Brown / M
5' 6" / 143lbs ( 168cm / 65kg )

Y’all are a wonderful company. I am ceaselessly amazed at every aspect of our shared experience. It genuinely feels like you care about your customers and our clothing. The more that I interact with y’all, the more blatant the superiority in your service and products becomes. Y’all wreak of concern. I have never experienced such an admirable attitude and artistic competence in a clothier in all my days.

Staff Comment

We received wonderful photos from the US. This samue is one of our most popular samue for summer. The cooling effect of ramie and the soft texture of shijira weaving is perfect for the hot seasons. Thank you very much for sending these wonderful photos. We can see that you feel relaxed with this samue and have a great time with your family members. We always appreciate your continued patronage.