1113 Wool-Like Stretch Samue [HIJIRI]No.3 Brown / M

Wool-Like Stretch Samue [HIJIRI] No.3 Brown / M


5'6'' / 117lbs ( 167cm / 53kg )

It is a little roomy but just right for ease of movement!I bought this for a Zazen session at a temple. Tate Slub Samue I wore in summer was so comfortable, so I decided to buy a samue for winter. It is warm, comfortable, and feels nice. On my days off, I wear this samue and make myself a cup of coffee while relaxing. I am very satisfied.  

1113 Wool-Like Stretch Samue [HIJIRI]No.3 Brown / M

Staff Comment

Thank you very much for the wonderful photos with a relaxing and leisurely atmosphere. We hope you enjoy "Japanese relaxation" with your hobbies and daily life.