1051 Tate Slub Samue No.1 Dark Navy L

1051 Tate Slub Samue No.1 Dark Navy / L
5' 8" / 131lbs (172cm / 59.5kg)

I ordered this samue at the request of my American colleague at work. He wanted something he could wear all year round, something he would not be embarrassed to wear outside, it must be made in Japan, and something that could be tied around the ankles. I found Wasuian on the Internet, but there were so many different types that I didn't know which one would be best for him. So I called the store many times to ask about samue, and the staff was always very kind and helpful. When he opened the box, he was so pleased with the beautiful Japanese-style wrapping and the careful packaging and he wore it right then even he was at work. I am sending you a photo taken at that time. He said that it was very comfortable and felt smooth. It is loose-fitting and very comfortable, but hems can tied at the ankles and strings for the waist, too so it doesn't feel sloppy.

Staff Comment

Thank you for a nice photo. We are very glad that your colleague liked our samue and worn it right after he opened the package. This Tate Slub Samue is popular as a first samue for samue beginners. Also, there are 6 colors so some customers collect them with different colors. The fabric is soft and has a unique texture. So we hope he will enjoy wearing this samue for many years.