9011 Tozan Stripe Shingen-Bukuro

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Shingen-Bukuro suitable for Samue, Jinbei, and Yukata

We used our popular Kasuri Tsumugi fabric for the gusset and combined it with striped Japanese fabric to create a shingen bag that looks great with samue, jinbei, and yukata. It is just the right size to carry a wallet, cell phone, etc. when you go out.

The Western bag would not look good with a samue, jinbei, or yukata. Why not enjoy a fashionable look with a little extra attention to detail in the accessories as well? The inside of the bag has an inside pocket, so it is a carefully crafted Japanese product with excellent functionality.

  • Size Height:24cm Width:16cm Gusset:5cm
  • Cotton:100%
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight :120g


What is a Shingen-Bukuro?
A traditional sack for storing miscellaneous goods in Japan. The rectangular bottom plate is surrounded by a woven fabric, and a thick string is tied through the mouth to form a sack. It is said that the name came from its resemblance to the sack behind the portrait of Takeda Shingen, a famous warlord of the Warring States period from the late 15th to the late 16th century in Japan.