4100 Underwear for Samue Cotton Yoryu

¥8,000 JPY


Samue's spring / summer underwear that makes the collar of Samue look beautiful.

This underwear for Samue is made in Japan. It is made of 100% cotton uneven fabric called "Yoryu". The unevenness reduces the contact area with the skin, making it highly breathable and ideal for hot days. It is a type that is tied with four strings, and the position of the strings is high so that it does not overlap with the strings of Samue. Wearing special underwear will make the Samue collar look more beautiful.

Why don't you live a comfortable life with Samue and this underwear?

  • Cotton : 100%
  • Fabric thickness : Very thin (0.28mm)
  • Recommended season : Summer
  • Machine washable (using a net)
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipping weight : 500g

 How to care for Samue & Jinbei

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Over 60 years, we became the top producer of samue (traditional workwear now popularly used as loungewear) in Japan. Our garments combine traditional techniques with modern functionality and design.